Collection type: specific.
Volume: about 2400 copies.
Chronological framework: 1710–1836.
Language of documents: Russian.
Additional information about the collection: Peter’s reform of the Russian typographic font was carried out in 1708-1710. Its purpose was to bring the appearance of the printed book closer to what Western European publications of that time looked like (Russian editions were typed in Church Slavonic script — semi-uncial). In January 1707, according to the sketches of the draftsman and drawer Kulenbach, who was at the army headquarters, made drawings of thirty two lowercase letters of the Russian alphabet, as well as four uppercase letters (A, D, E, T). A complete set of typefaces in three sizes based on Kulenbach’s drawings was ordered in Amsterdam from the printing house of the Belarusian master Ilya Kopievich; at the same time, fonts based on these drawings were ordered in Moscow, at the Printing Yard.
Possessory marks: seals, ex-librises.
Entry time: 1922 – present.

Registration number: K-000000002