After the Republic of Belarus gained its state independence, the library became the head of the country’s library system. In 1992 the BSSR State Library named after Vladimir Lenin was renamed into the National Library of Belarus (the NLB), which reflected the change of the library status, increase of its importance in the cultural and social development of the state and the nation.

Chronological framework of the fund: 14th – 21st centuries.

The species composition of the collection: printed and handwritten books; periodicals; sheet music, cartographic and graphic editions.

Thematic composition of the collection: universal.

Language characteristics of the collection: in the Belarusian, Russian, European and oriental languages.

The National Library of Belarus has the most complete documentary collections in the country, which represent the historical and cultural value of the Republic of Belarus. The library holds about 9,9 million copies of documents, created both in Belarus and other countries in more than 80 languages. Particular attention is paid to the formation of the national documents collection, presented both by manuscripts and publications on paper and by documents on other media.

Registration number: F-000000001