Collection type: specific.

Quantity: 2481 copies.

Chronological framework: 1874–1995.

Language characteristics: French, Walloon, English, German.

Additional information: The better part of autographs is the autographs of authors, who desired to present their books to colleagues, teachers, publishers, benefactors, political leaders, friends and relatives. It is not unusual to find the autographs of translators, editors, illustrators, engravers.

The majority of the collection is the part of books, published in France in the late XIX – early XX centuries with the authors’ autographs. There are autographs of some of the most renowned French writers and poets: V. Hugo, E. Zola, A. Hermant, J.-P. Sartre, J.-H. Rosny aîné, G. Simenon, P. Véry, J. Verne, P. Eluard, P. Verlaine, J. Cocteau etc. The collection contains also the books with the autographs of great French political leaders: G. Clemenceau and P. Doumer, great artists: M. Chagall and J. Effel; distinguished figure in architecture Le Corbusier; magnificent penwomen: G. Colette, A. de Noailles and E. Triolet.

 The range of persons who received the autographs is wide: a well-known dramatist H. Bernstein, poetess Alice Valliere-Merzbach, political leader L. Blum, literary critic A. Delzant, publisher L. Pierre-Quint, patrons of the arts and philanthropists barons Rothschild, ballerina Ida Rubinstein, singer Mireille Hartuch etc.

Possessory marks: provenances.

Entry into collection: from 1945 to the present day.

Sources: Французские автографы в фонде Национальной библиотеки Беларуси [Электронный ресурс] / Национальная библиотека Беларуси ; составители: С. Г. Пахоменкова, А. Н. Стебурако ; под научной редакцией [и со статьей] В. В. Макарова. ― Электронные текстовые данные и программа (219 Мб). ― Минск : НББ, 2011. — 1 электронный оптический диск (CD-ROM) : цв. ; 12 см. ISBN 978-985-6879-50-3.

Registration number: K-000000018